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Assess your students’ strengths more effectively

Easily embed custom assessments to create a seamless learning experience for your students. Tailor the questions to your need with over 65 question types. Add multi-part questions to get more out of every quiz and test.

  • A new way to quiz in Canvas

    Atomic Assessments gives you 65 interactive question types, multi-part questions, and detailed analytics for measuring learning and engaging students. Supported question types include hotspot, drag and drop, math equations, interactive charts and graphs. You can also create custom question types.

  • Transform Canvas Pages

    In addition to using Atomic Assessments to deliver assessments enhanced from Canvas quizzes, you can also use it to embed interactive activities and assessments in Canvas pages. This gives you new options for formative assessment, helping students engage with the content, and checking their understanding as they go rather than waiting until the end.

  • Measure Learning Better

    Atomic Assessments provides detailed reports that shows student performance and trends. These reports allow you to more fully understand your students’ understanding while the grades are recorded straight into your Canvas gradebook.

Atomic Assessments is powered by Learnosity, the technology behind many of the world’s best assessment solutions. Learn more about Learnosity for online assessment and testing software.

Atomic Assessments – Powered by Learnosity


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