Deliver branded Learnosity content inside a client’s existing LMS. License the Learnosity connector to create and manage Learnosity assessments. Use your Learnosity account or store your content in Atomic Jolt’s Learnosity item bank.

  • Manage

    Configure and assign Learnosity assessments to students using LMS assignments, which can be organized into modules and accessed simply through the LMS assignment list.

  • Assess

    Students take assessments using the Learnosity Player and grades are recorded in the LMS gradebook.

  • Report

    Detailed reports show student performance and trends.

  • Design

    Content providers use the Product Designer to choose which Learnosity items and assessments to include in the product it sells to clients.

Learnosity provides the technology behind many of the world’s best assessment solutions. Learn more about Learnosity for online assessment and testing software.

Atomic Learnosity Connector is accessible! For more in depth information on how we meet accessibility standards, visit our Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT).

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Atomic Learnosity Connector

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