The CMS for your LMS.

Atomic CMS is all you need to search, preview and insert content into course modules and pages all in a single, easy to use location inside your LMS.

Share your courses, modules and assets (and your expertise) with others in your LMS, in other learning management systems, as content packages, epubs, or websites.


Here’s why:

  • Cost

    Reduce the cost of developing and maintaining courseware by sharing your resources.

  • Comply

    Plus, ensure compliance with licensing requirements by attributing content to its original source indexed with Atomic CMS.

  • Manage

    Add items to Atomic CMS indexes by sharing LMS courses and modules, calling APIs, bookmarking pages, harvesting RSS, OAI, and other feeds, and connecting to services including video management servers and content provider’s systems.

  • Support

    Use openly shared content to teach for results while modifying the content to best support the learning styles and needs of your students.

  • Share

    Easily share your lessons, ideas, or other curated content with a single click.

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The magic of Atomic CMS