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Help! My grading burden is crushing me!

Authored by Rich Kingsford, Software Development Manager and Adjunct Instructor “Every semester, it seems like I have more and more tedious assignments and essays to grade. If I have to write one more red circle, I’m going to strangle someone.”I hear you… Grading is a time suck. Let’s explore a few ways to reduce your […]

Atomic Assessments: The Gridded Question Type

Authored by Tawny Hoskin We love building quiz questions that are 1) self-graded, 2) interesting, and 3) are phone-friendly! Let me introduce you to the Gridded Question type – one of the 64 different item types in Atomic Assessments. The Gridded Question type has been developed based on the STAAR science assessments standards (Griddable Questions For […]


Presented by Michael Hakkerinen Thank you to Michael Hakkarinen, Harmonize Success Coach at Harmonize for sharing a product demonstration with our team here at Atomic Jolt!  Harmonize has many rich media features that make it fun and easy for students to engage with classmates and course content.  I was especially impressed by the variety of […]

Making Mathematics Worthwhile

Authored by Kyle Hovey, Software Developer Math stigma Despite the apparent overwhelming stigma against mathematics education, according to a survey of 1,000 students done by Texas Instruments, 46% of students report that they liked learning about mathematics in school. Perhaps the stigma stems from something deeper than preference: practicality. Sixty-eight percent of students responded that […]


Presentation by Jared Smith, Associate Director at WebAIM Overview We met with Jared Smith from WebAIM to learn about their online accessibility offerings.  WebAIM trained us on making our websites and apps more accessible to those with disabilities (hearing, visual, and other physical disabilities).  Enlightening!  We wanted to share some highlights and FREE resources, like […]

Derivita – Math Homework Made Easy

Finally, a comprehensive online solution for the “I don’t get it” math and science homework hurdle. Devin Daley, Co-Founder and CEO of Derivita Take an inside tour of Derivita courseware; math homework made easy for the educator, but effective for student learning through the use of automated dynamic feedback. Devlin, the co-founder of Instructure and […]

Improve your student engagement with breakout discussions

How can we intellectually stretch the students without causing too much pain? Written by Rich Kingsford Which will engage your students more: class-wide discussions or 2-3 person breakout discussions?  Of course it depends on the circumstances, but I have absolutely loved the increased engagement I’ve witnessed by giving students one to seven discussion topics, usually […]